If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything - these are some key design principles that I identify with and inform my process.

  1. Design is problem solving on structural, functional and aesthetic levels.
  2. Experimentation leads to innovation.
  3. Curiosity is king, questioning leads to advancement.
  4. The medium is the message. I believe in a symbiotic relationship between form and function.
    The channel, layout and typographic treatment can say as much as the word.
  5. Design is not value neutral. Rarely is design truly invisible. Every design decision we make has weight and exerts influence (positive or negative) over the content.
  6. Mathematical thinking in design provides influence not restrain.
  7. Collaborate with industry, clients and peers.
  8. Digital media has redefined (rather than replaced) the printed page.
  9. Typography is language made visible. Type is expressive. Good typographic form is two things:
  • a way to clearly communicate information
  • and, in equal measure, to reinforce the tone and intent of what you are communicating.