I have huge respect for my clients,  they effect change, their ideas and products are important, and their voice is distinctive.

As leaders, innovators, placemakers and thinkers they all recognise the value of good design, the power of collaboration and importance of connecting in meaningful ways to the people that matter most to them.

Most often I work with;

  1. Authors, Editors, Content Creators and Publishers to help them educate, entertain and delight.
  2. Designers, architects, property developers and local government to communicate complex ideas with clarity and to produce innovative, compelling place responsive design outcomes.
  3. Creative Brands, Photographers, Stylists and Retail outlets to build loyalty and emotional resonance with their audience.


My collaborative approach has also allowed me to build trusted relationships with my industry peers. Creating a valuable resource of talent to be called upon when a project requires extra skills that compliment or contrast my own.

This connectivity allows me to deliver large scale projects while still operating with the benefits of small scale practice including; direct access to design expertise, flexibility in approach, personalised service, and providing exceptional value for a designer of my expertise.



Here's what some of my clients and collaborators have to say;

“Nicole Phillips has provided a range of design, communication and graphic presentation advice and services to our firm from the start. In commencing the collaboration I had no working knowledge of what Nicole could offer but she was highly recommended. My expectations have been exceeded at every turn. I have  been consistently ‘blown away’ by the creativity evident in her suggestions, and equally impressed with the skill and precision that are hallmarks of her professionalism. I have no hesitation in commending her service to anyone in the business of having to communicate ideas, people and products… and that is all of us.”

Chris Buckley, Brisbane Australia


“Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover!

Dear Nicole,
I am super-excited about how my book is looking and I thought you should know. Somehow you’ve managed to turn a grab-bag of photos and a bunch of hokey sketches into a document that hangs together. Your design has perfectly captured my brief to create an approachable visual style that would allow people to dip into individual project studies or read from cover to cover. This whole process has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the journey for me. Your talent, creativity and dedication to achieving a stellar result have kept me inspired and engaged - and it’s my book! As publication date draws nearer I’m so happy to have had your help and guidance in bringing this dream to reality.”

Amalie Wright, Landscapology Brisbane Australia