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Allow me to introduce myself…

nicole arnett phillips (noun)
Designer and Print Enthusiast

I love letters, layouts and ink.

I firmly believe in doing a few things well and playing to my strengths. I am a specialist. My area of expertise is publication design.

I am an accomplished designer with over 13 years experience in delivering creative, legible designs for the publishing, built environment and fashion industries.

I am obsessed with my work, striving for mastery in my chosen field. I draw inspiration from all design disciplines. I am a collaborator. I achieve outstanding design outcomes collaborating with people with imagination and vision.

I use my talent for visual communication to design multiple page documents that;

  • tell your story in meaningful, memorable and engaging ways,
  • capture and captivate your market
  • provoke action
  • effectively sell your product or service
  • convey complex ideas,
  • raise awareness,
  • position you as a leader,
  • or educate, entertain and delight your audience
I value books as art and artefact.They excite, fascinate and intrigue me. My heartflutters when I discover new books. I am an avid reader and collector of all kinds of printed ephemera. I am also a published author on the subjects of typography and book design.

Throughout my career I have been recognised with a number of local and international publishing, art and design awards, and I am honoured each time my clients, collaborators and peers refer to me as an expert in my field.

I am an industrious producer and a curious creator. I love to experiment with relief printmaking techniques (particularly letterpress, and woodcut) to produce and publish. My working week is split between my design consultancy practice and self generated publishing, typographic and printmaking adventures.